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Pup Pak® was born out of the desire to address an important need to ensure that our dogs stay hydrated, happy, and healthy wherever life takes us.

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Woman jogging in a forest trail with her happy dog on a leash, showcasing the Pup Pak dog water bottle in action. The bottle is ideal for keeping pets hydrated during outdoor activities like running, hiking, and exploring nature. The lush greenery and forest setting emphasize the product's functionality for adventurous outings.
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Pup Pak Dog Water Bottle with Detachable BowlsPup Pak Dog Water Bottle with Detachable Bowls
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Pup Pak dog water bottle with a yellow cap, securely placed in a black holster with a shoulder strap. The holster features additional pockets and adjustable straps for convenience, making it perfect for hands-free carrying during travel and outdoor activities. This setup ensures that pets stay hydrated while their owners remain mobile and comfortable. Pup Pak dog water bottle in a black holster with a shoulder strap, featuring a yellow cap. The holster is designed for easy carrying, making it perfect for travel and outdoor adventures. The convenient design allows pet owners to keep their hands free while ensuring their pets stay hydrated on the go.
Sale price$14.99
Orange LeashOrange Leash
Sale price$34.99

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Multi-Use Design

Our design is a convenient 3-in-1 dog water bottle for you and your pup. Bring it on hikes or to restaurants and enjoy the day without having to carry two separate bottles.

Customer Support

Our customer support is available Monday to Friday: 8am-8:30pm PST.

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Attention Dog Parents

Gone are the days of carrying separate water bottles
 Dog drinking from the cap of a black Pup Pak dog water bottle at sunset, with a picturesque mountain landscape in the background. This bottle is perfect for keeping pets hydrated during outdoor adventures and hikes. The beautiful natural setting highlights the product's practicality and convenience for pet owners who love exploring scenic landscapes with their dogs.

Sleek, Modern, and Made from Durable Steel

We use high quality materials to bring you a dog water bottle that is the best option to have on any outing. And will withstand the drops and bumps along the way.

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Benefits of Using a Dual Use Dog Water Bottle

Using a dual-use dog water bottle offers numerous advantages for both dog owners and their pets. It provides convenience by combining hydration needs into a single product, ensuring both the owner and the dog stay hydrated without the need for separate containers. The compact and portable design saves space and reduces bulk, making it ideal for various activities like hiking, running, and traveling.

Promotes Healthy Habits

Using a Pup Pak dog water bottle encourages regular hydration for both you and your dog, promoting healthy habits and making it easier to say YES! whenever your pet wants to join you on an outing.

This shared experience can lead to a more active and healthier lifestyle for both you and your dog.


Investing in a travel dog water bottle is cost-effective as it eliminates the need for purchasing separate bottles. This one-time purchase can save money over time due to our bottles durable, long-lasting materials designed to withstand outdoor activities.

The dual-use functionality not only reduces the expense but also minimizes the need for replacements, making it a smart choice for owners.

Versatility in Use

The dual-use dog water bottle is versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities. including restaurants, park visits, and hiking trips.

Its design accommodates multiple pets, making it an ideal tool for households with more than one dog. This versatility ensures that you and your pets can stay hydrated in a variety of settings and situations.

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