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The Pup Pak® was born out of the desire to address a simple often overlooked need. The need to ensure that our dogs stay hydrated, happy, and healthy wherever life takes them.

Why join the Pak?


Our design is a convenient 3-in-1 dog water bottle for you and your pup. Bring it on hikes or to restaurants and enjoy the day without having to carry two separate bottles.


We use high quality materials to bring you a dog water bottle that is the best option to have on any adventure. And will withstand the drops and bumps along the way.

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In this day and age, nothing should take longer than a week to get. And we are no different. All United States customers get fast free shipping.

Gone are the days of carrying separate water bottles

Works for dogs of all sizes


I bought this thinking it may be pretty good. I was wrong, it is great. Our pup Ruby loves it. She loves the sound as you unscrew the bowls for drink of cool water and a treat. Great product. Thanks!

- Kevin O.

Loving my pink water bottle for my dog Marshall, very useful. Now I don’t have to carry every separate, the water with a bowl or the ziplock bag with my dogs food.

- Esther R.

I live in Texas, where the heat is no joke and hydrating the pups is critical. The 2 screw-off bowls are fantastic and perfect for my 2 dogs. I take the Pup Pak pretty much every time I leave the house with them. Stopping mid-hike, or mid-walk, for some H2O makes all the difference! They lap it up, get re-energized, and we can keep going! Highly recommend!

- Theresa C.